About Me

Josiah Moffitt

Software Engineer turned Bookkeeper

When discussing starting a bookkeeping business, my wife encouraged me with “You are going from a boring job to the most boring job!” I moved to Cedar Rapids in 2010 to work as a software engineer. During that time, I joined the board of a non-profit in Des Moines and became the treasurer in 2014. I learned a lot about bookkeeping on the board, but more importantly, I learned how to communicate the finances to the board. In the meetings where I communicated well, we were able to speed through decisions. Bookkeeping interests me because of the puzzles that arise when deciphering books and information revealed in financial reports.
I currently live in Marion, IA, with my wife, Grace, and two daughters, Hosanna and Maranatha. I am anticipating the day when my children learn to count so that they can join me in this exciting endeavor.